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The Scan of the Price List

How the price of the service is calculated

In order to calculate the price and prepare the quotation, we need to know the scope of monitoring:

  • How many workers will receive quarterly and voluntarily monthly monitoring,
  • how many females aged below 45 (mandatory monthly monitoring),
  • which specifically kind of individual dosimetric monitoring is needed (just whole body doses due to gamma and x-rays, additionally skin doses, or assessment of effective dose in case of the use of protective aprons by double dosimetry, etc)

The price of service depends on

  • monitoring periods
  • scope of monitoring (number of monitored persons)
  • complexity of monitoring – the set of dosimetric quantities under monitoring

Depending on the number of monitored workers the discounts apply

For new customers we may offer special discount.

We are certain that first experience of work with us will convince you to continue service by the common prices.

For monitoring of effective (whole body) dose the base monitoring period is one quarter (e.g. four measurements of individual dose with TLD are conducted over a year).

For females of fertile age (below 45) the Radiation Safety Standards of Ukraine NRBU-97 require control of non-exceeding the additional dose limit – 2 mSv over two month in a row. In practice this means that for females below 45 the monthly monitoring should be undertaken.

For such monitoring the special price is offered at 2/3 of usual one, which means that for three measurements over a quarter the price of two measurements is charged. In turn, instead of four (as in case of quarterly monitoring) 12 measurements are performed during a year.

So, for estimation of the total price of the service one may use the following formula:  

Annual price of the service = Nquart * Pricequart * 4 + Nmonth * Pricemonth * 12 ,

where Nquart – a number of persons receiving quarterly monitoring, Nmoth - a number of persons receiving monthly monitoring (females below 45), Pricequart and Pricemonth – respective prices, which depend on the total number of monitored workers – are taken from the line in the Table, which corresponds to the total number of staff Nquart + Nmonth

There is an option of voluntarily monthly monitoring of the whole staff (including males and females above 45). In this case, the price of one measurement is 60% of usual price under quarterly monitoring and annual price of the service is determined by the formula:

 Annual price of the service = N * 0.6 * Pricequart * 12 ,

 where N – total number of monitored workers.

This option might be most convenient if majority of workers are females below 45.

 Depending on the set of dosimetric quantities and types of exposure, which are monitored with personal dosemeters, complexity adjustment coefficients apply – ranging from 1 to 2.25 (see the scan of the price list).

Service terms and conditions

Service is provided under bilateral contracts. Minimum price is 10,000 UAH per year no matter how many persons are monitored. Dose reports are sent to the customers in accordance with monitoring periods (monthly or quarterly)




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